A praiseworthy manufacturer, supplier, and exporter of these Cu-Ni 70/30 round bars is Metalloy International. In different specifications, grades, sizes, specifications with improved standards, we are offering these Round bars to our customers. Owing to the high quality of services we deliver to our customers, our industry is a highly favoured market.

These Cu-Ni Round Bars are produced by our professionals using an excellent selection of alloys obtained from reputable suppliers on the market. We are proposing an industrial set of criteria as well. We make our bars available to customers at very affordable rates so that they can buy them in bulk quantities conveniently.

Our Cu-Ni 70/30 Round Bars give many excellent characteristics and have become possible due to the outstanding efficiency of the use of alloys. Strong tensile strength, durable structure, hardness, reasonable dimensional precision, excellent surface finishes, longevity, versatility, and so on are some of the properties. Some of the additional features include cracking resistance to stress corrosion, pitting resistance, and resistance to crevice corrosion.

Metalloy International is a leading Cu-Ni 70/30 Round Bar manufacturer. We supply our Round bars globally, too. According to our customer requirements, we produce Cu-Ni Bars in all dimensions, shapes, and sizes. With a combination of copper and nickel metals, we make these Cu-Ni 70/30 Round Bars. Because of incorporating a minimal percentage of manganese and iron, the use of copper and nickel alloy has excellent corrosion resistant tension. Our manufactured bars are easy to weld and have low ductility and high mechanical strength properties.

Due to its efficient working strength for an extended period, these Cu-Ni 70/30 Round Bars have numerous operations in so many industrial sectors, exist in high and increased temperature conditions, also include superior toughness and durability and are readily available at an affordable price with low maintenance costs. By using the advanced instruments and techniques, we are also conducting several tests on finished bars and then packing these Cu-Ni 70/30 Round Bars with standard packaging material and providing our estimated customers with on-time delivery. We provide our customers with excellence at reasonable rates.

Specifications: ASTM B151, B122, MILITARY MIL-C-15726

Dimensions: ASTM, ASME and API

Range: 5 mm To 500 mm thick in 100 mm TO 6000 mm

Length: 100 mm to 3660 mm Long

Form: Square , Round , Hex , Flat, Wire In Black & Bright Finish

Finish: Bright, Polish & Black

Cupro Nickel 70/30 Round Bar
Cupro Nickel 70/30 Round Bar
Cu-Ni 70/30 Bright Bar
Cu-Ni 70/30 Bright Bar
Cu-Ni 70/30 Square Bar
Cu-Ni 70/30 Square Bar
Cu-Ni 70/30 Hex Bar
Cu-Ni 70/30 Hex Bar
Cu-Ni 70/30 Flat Bar
Cu-Ni 70/30 Flat Bar
Cupro Nickel 70/30 Forged Rod
Cupro Nickel 70/30 Forged Rod
Copper Nickel 70/30 2.0882 C71500
Grade Cu Mn Pb Ni Fe Zn
Cu-Ni 70-30 65.0 min 1 max .05 max 29-33 0.4-1.0 1 max
Element Density Melting Point Tensile Strength Yield Strength (0.2%Offset) Elongation
Copper Nickel 70-30 0.323 lb/in3 at 68 F 2260 F 50000 psi 20000 psi 30 %
Cupro Nickel 70/30 Rods Cupro Nickel 70/30 Bars Manufacturer
Cupro Nickel C71500 Bright Bar Cupro Nickel 2.0882 Polish Bars
Cupro Nickel C71500 Bars Exporter Cupro Nickel C71500 Flat Bar Dealer
Cupro Nickel 70/30 Rods Manufacturer in India 70/30 Cupro Nickel Bars Supplier in India
>Copper Nickel 2.0882 Forged Bars Cupro Nickel C71500 Bright Bars
Cupro Nickel 2.0882 Square Bars ASTM B122 70/30 Cupro Nickel Rods
Copper Nickel C71500 Black Bars 70/30 Cupro Nickel CR Bars Stockist
Cupro Nickel 70/30 HR Round Bars ASME SB122 Cu-Ni Alloy 70/30 Cold Drawn Round bars
Cupro Nickel 2.0882 Rods Supplier in India C71500 Cupro Nickel Hex Bar Dealer in India

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